Keynote Speakers

The tentative keynote speakers are:

Dr. Basuki Hadimoeljono is a Minister in The Minister of Public Works and Housing Indonesia. He was born in Surakarta at 5th November 1954. He holds Ph.D. degree form Department of Civil Engineering, Colorado State University, USA in 1992. He has more than 30 year-experiences as professional civil engineer. In 2005, he served as head of Research and Development Department of Minister of Public Works. He also assigned as chief of the working group on post-tsunami rehabilitation in Aceh. In 2007, he served as Inspector general of The Minister of Public Works. Before being appointed as minister in 2014, he active as Director General of Urban Planning Minister of Public Works.

Prof. Takashi Matsumoto is a structural engineering professor from Hokaido University. His research interest is related to bridge structures. He holds his Ph.D degree from University of Michigan USA. He began his career as a Research Associate on The University of Tokyo before move to Hokaido University in 2007. He has more than hundred publications in scientific journal and conferences. His recent research topic is fatigue analysis of RC slabs reinforced with plain bars based on the bridging stress degradation concept.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. TAKEMURA Jiro is an Associate Professor in Department of Civil Engineering at Tokyo Institute of Technology. He holds Ph.D. degree in Geotechnical engineering from The Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan in 1991. His recent research topics are related to foundation problems, deep excavation, soil improvements, soil liquefaction, geotechnical centrifuge modelling and soil characteization. Assoc. Prof. Takemura Jiro is member several professional societies such as Japan Society of Civil Engineers, Japanese Geotechnical Society, International Society for Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering and Southeast Asian Geotechnical Society.

Assoc. Prof. Ken-etsu UCHIDA is an Associate Professor in Department of Civil Engineering at Hokaido University. His research interest is related to Infrastructure Planning and Design Transportation Planning, Traffic Engineering. He has a lot of publication in reputable scientific journal. His recent research is development of a transportation analysis method in cold regions.

Assoc. Prof. Eiichi Sasaki is graduated from Yokohama National University. He is an Associate Professor in Department of Civil Engineering Tokyo Institute of Technology from 1998 until Now. His research interest is related to structural engineering especially Steel Structures, Maintenance Engineering and Structural Monitoring. His recent research project is prevention of brittle fracture during earthquakes in steel bridge piers development of structurel monitoring systems.

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