Workshop & Technical Tour

The organizing committee of AUN/SEED-Net RCCE and ICCER 2017 is delighted to hold the workshop as part of the conference event. The main theme of the workshop is “Smart and Sustainable Infrastructure.”

The workshop will be held half-day on August, 2nd 2017 in the same venue of the conference. The workshop will provide further discussion and improved insights in correspondence of the theme. The materials will be delivered by professional keynote speakers coming from the strong civil engineering background. The following keynote speakers are:

  1. Prof. EIICHI SASAKI (Session 1)
  2. Ir. BUDI SANTOSO, MT (Session 2)

In addition to the workshop, the Technical Tour is also arranged on the same day right after the workshop. The technical tour will rise the theme of “Structural Health Monitoring of Bridge”. This theme will provide insights into the non-intrusive process of implementing a damage detection and characterization strategy for engineering structure, for instance, a bridge. Following the theme, the participants will be directed to Suramadu Bridge to observe on how the monitoring procedure of bridge health is performed.

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